BREAKING NEWS: The Environment Ministry has released the National Clean Air Programme policy draft you’ve been asking for – but it’s bitter sweet.

we  have been waiting for this day for 4 years now. Thanks to all the efforts more than one lakh people put together, India will now have its very first national programme for clean air.

This is a big step forward in the direction of ensuring cleaner air and bluer skies for all of India. But many key elements are still missing in the programme policy draft:

  1. Absence of pollution reduction targets of 35% in three years and 50% in five years is a grave concern
  2. Lack of clear interim milestones for all the activities
  3. The programme ignores polluting sectors like industry and coal thermal power plants which are regulated by the central government, making state governments responsible for the implementation of this plan within city limits.

The policy draft is now open for public comments, and can be improved like every other policy. This is our chance to tell the government what those improvements should be to make the policy formulation participatory.

Many of you signed petitions, emailed the ministers, some even protested outside a coal power plant and the ministry, and even climbed down from a bridge demanding clean air!

It’s proven once again – when people get together for a cause, they can change the world.

Greenpeace India


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