Some restaurants have been illegally overcharging us! They are taking advantage of unclear rules and charging us extra service tax.

Ask the Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association in India (FHRAI) to direct all restaurants to charge the legally permissible amount of tax. 

Restaurants are charging 14% service tax on the full bill. This is illegal!

A recent Finance Ministry directive has made it clear that restaurants can not charge more than 5.6% of the total bill.

We need to make sure that no restaurant exploits their customers’ confusion. Sign my petition.

P.B>, we are paying customers and restaurants need us. If we demand our rights collectively, they will not be able to ignore us.

Over 20,000 people have already shown their support. P.B>, help me reach 50000 signs before I take this petition to the FHRAI.

It should not be our responsibility to carefully scrutinise a bill every time we eat at a restaurant. It should be the restaurants’ duty to not cheat and overcharge us.



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