List of cases of police brutality in India

This is a list of notable cases of police brutality in India.

  • 1930: On 12 December 1930, Mumbai cotton mill worker Babu Genu Said was crushed by a truck at the order of police. He was an active participant in the protests, organized by Indian independence activists against the import of foreign made cloth. His death resulted in a huge wave of anger, strikes, and protests throughout Mumbai.
  • 1980: The Bhagalpur blindings was an incident in 1979 and 1980 in Bhagalpur in the state of Bihar, India when police blinded 31 undertrials (or convicted criminals, according to some versions), by pouring acid into their eyes.
  • 1981: On 11 October, a National Games Winner and a representor of India at 1958 Asian Games, Paan Singh Tomar was killed in a Police shootout.
  • 1982: On 11 January, the first encounter of Mumbai Police was completed. A Gangster who scored 78% from Kiriti College, Mumbai, Manya Surve was killed without giving him proper chance to defend or surrender. Police fired 25 bullets on his chest but his strength kept him alive for about 1 hour. A movie Shootout at Wadala is made on this case.
  • 1987: The Hashimpura massacre took place on 22 May 1987, during the Hindu-Muslim riots in Meerut city in Uttar Pradesh state, India, when 19 personnel of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) allegedly rounded up 42 Muslim youth from the Hashimpura mohalla (locality) of the city, took them in truck to the outskirts, near Murad Nagar, in Ghaziabad district, where they were shot and their bodies were dumped in water canals. A few days later dead bodies were found floating in the canals.
  • 1994: The Rampur Tiraha firing involved police firing on unarmed Uttarakhand activists at Rampur Tiraha (crossing) in Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh inIndia on the night of 1–2 October 1994. The activists, part of the agitation for the separate state of Uttarakhand, were going to Delhi to stage a dharna at Raj Ghat on Gandhi Jayanti, the following day, when alleged unprovoked police firing in the night of 1 October led to the death of six activists, and some women were allegedly raped and molested in the ensuing melee.
  • 1994: The Koothuparamba firing was a police action on 25 November 1994, in the Kannur district of Kerala. The firing happened after the inauguration of the Co-operative Urban Bank’s evening branch, when the DYFI protested against Communist Marxist Party (CMP) leader and Kerala’s Minister, M.V. Raghavan. The police fired at the crowd for both the protection of the Minister and public and private property. Five DYFI activists were dead and six people were injured.
  • 1999: Thirunelveli massacre was brutal police action on a procession taken out in support of agitating tea estate workers, claimed 17 lives in Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.[1][2]
  • 2003: The Muthanga incident was a brutal police action on Adivasis who had gathered under Adivasi Gothra Mahasbha (ADMS) in protest to the Kerala Government‘s delay in allotting them land, which had been contracted in October 2001. Two fatalities were officially confirmed, however the government later put the death toll at 5.[3][4] More than 15 Adivasis fatally wounded.[5]
  • 2011: The Forbesganj firing was an act of state brutality in which four villagers were killed near Forbesganj, a town in Bihar, India, on 3 June 2011. An inquiry into the incident, conducted by reputed NGO ANHAD, suggests a role of politicians from the Bharatiya Janata Party in the killings. The residents of the villages of Bhajanpur were protesting the grant of land to a factory owned by the son of Bharatiya Janata Party politician Ashok Agarwal.
  • 2015: 2015 Andhra shootout was an incident in the Seshachalam forest in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh that kills 20 suspected woodcutters.[6]

2015: on 25th August, Patidar community organised one of the largest assembly in Ahmedabad (1.5-2 million people) demanding OBC quota for the patidar who are left behind. The convener of rally (Hardik Patel), decided to sit on hunger strike after rally was over. Around 20:00 in dark police jump on crowd & media personnel with sticks and arrested Hardik which turn into big chaos. The people come out in opposition and vandalised public property and whole state law and order was disturbed. Police (majority of whom coming from OBC) make the things personal and tried to pick each and every person of Patidar community. They vandelised most cars and other vehicles in Patidar areas. Police Killed 10 people in heavy firing all over the state including, a youth in custody after picking up from his home. High court has asked for CBI inquiry on PI P D Parmar (OBC), sheikh & Jha. Situation was controlled after 3 days when Army flag marched across the cities of Gujarat. Police was heard using abusive language on Patidar’s women and kids, whole Patidar community was put on side as the protector of law become biggest enemy with government machinery.


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