Another Incident of Indian Police Atrocities (Madhya …

Click>>Another Incident of Indian Police Atrocities (Madhya …

In India it is well known that some police commit their atrocities on innocents and do brutal attacks on thieves or criminals beyond what they deserve. There was this incident of brutal police attacks on OU students and Journalists on 14-15 Feb 2010, and in the past many such incidents like a thief in Bihar was dragged by chaining his hands to the bike all over a village till he passed out.

In the line of similar incidents, we see from this news video that on the same day as OU violence incident (15-Feb-2010), an innocent citizen (Nitish) in Madhya Pradesh state who was just having breakfast after coming from a Shiva Temple.

As he came out of Temple of Lord Shiva, he has a Tilak on his forehead which is a norm observed by Hindus. The police have beaten the student without giving any reason as to why they are beating him badly.

Recently Shiva Sena activists of Mumbai have announced that they will protest the screening of Shah Rukh Khans film My Name is Khan. But even when some Shiva Sena activists located on the spot mentioned that this Nitish was not related in any way with them, still the police had beaten him for hours.

Nitish filed a complaint with Human Rights Commission for the animalistic behaviour of Police on him. The commission ordered an enquiry into the incident.

Video source : TV9, Freedocast-tv9 online


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