Kottakkal sex scandal gets murkier

Kottakkal sex scandal gets murkier

MALAPPURAM: The sex scandal involving a Kottakkal family became murkier on Tuesday with the police detaining a 19-year-old for allegedly raping his stepsisters—aged 12 and 11—and nine-year-old stepbrother.

The detained youth’s mother (37) and stepfather (50) were arrested on Monday, based on the 12-year-old girl’s complaint that they had forced her into flesh trade and presented to over 40 persons during the past two years. Some of the abusers, police said, were prominent persons in and around Kottakkal.

The girl’s ordeal came to light when the Class VI student confided the matter to Malappuram Childline counsellors, who visited her school on Monday. She reportedly told them that her mother was expanding the illicit trade in collusion with local agents.

Following the revelation, the girl was shifted to the social justice department-run shelter home on Monday itself. She was produced before a court on Tuesday after a medical examination, which confirmed rape.

Childline officials said the girl’s father—a driver-cum-marriage broker—solicited customers by showing them the 12-year-old’s photograph, and charged them anywhere between Rs 3,000 and Rs 5,000.

Police have charged her parents under sections 5 and 6 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) Act, Section 376 and 354 of IPC and Section 23 of the Juvenile Justice Act.

Childline volunteers Muhsin Pari, Ruby Raj, Rashid Tirur and Rajish Babu, who visited her house on Tuesday, was in for another shock when the girl’s 11-year-old sister accused her stepbrother of raping her for “more than 100 times” in the past two years. The younger boy, too, said he had been sodomized by the same man.

Police said the youth abused the children with the knowledge of their parents. “We have confirmed that the minor girl had been abused by her brother. He has been detained and his arrest will be recorded soon,” district Childline coordinator Anwar Karakkadan said.

The arrested man is the woman’s second husband, and they have five children, Karakkadan said. The woman have another two children, including the detained youth, from her first husband, whose whereabouts were not immediately known. Except her eldest 24-year-old daughter, the remaining six lived with her.

Childline has now shifted all the children, the youngest aged four, to the shelter home. Though the couple claimed that they got married 15 years ago, they could not produce a certificate.

The district police chief, meanwhile, convened a meeting on Tuesday and asked Tirur DSP to monitor the case. The family had shifted from Kozhikode to a rented accommodation in Kottakkal three years ago, police said.



2 comments on “Kottakkal sex scandal gets murkier

  1. Humans forgetting to be human. They cheat, lie, stab from behind to fulfil their needs. Yet they wear a mask of kindness in front others. So shame!!


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