Family of rape survivor hails SC order ruling out ‘compromise’

Family of rape survivor hails SC order ruling out ‘compromise’

CUDDALORE: The family members of the Cuddalore rape survivor have welcomed the Supreme Court’s order slamming a high court direction for a compromise between the survivor and her rapist.

“We welcome the Supreme Court order. Any woman with self-respect and dignity will not go for a compromise with her assaulter. This order will put a full stop to people advocating compromise and amicable settlement between survivors and rapists. It will protect survivors like my sister,” said the survivor’s brother.

He wondered how the Madras high court had decided to suggest that his sister and the rapist go for a compromise without seeking her opinion.

The family members declared that they were not interested in mediating with the rapist.

“After we made our stand clear no one from the other side approached us for mediation so far,” he said. He prayed that the high court would uphold the lower court’s conviction of the rapist or would double his punishment.

The Cuddalore mahila court on July 21, 2012 sentenced the offender, V Mohan, now 27, to seven years imprisonment, besides slapping 2 lakh penalty for raping the girl in 2008. Mohan was a college student and the survivor, who was just 15, was in Class 9. The girl became pregnant after the rape and her child, now six years old, is in Class 2.


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