‘India needs a cultural revolution’

‘India needs a cultural revolution’

VIJAYAWADA: Social scientist and dalit activist KanchaIlaiah is of the opinion that India needs a cultural revolution rather than an economic transformation on a large scale to become a developed nation.

Speaking at an event organised to discuss the writings of ChittajalluVarahalarao, widely-known as CV, here on Sunday, Ilaiah stressed the importance of progressive reforms. “CV is one of the few writers in the county to have written about social barriers from an abolition point of view and brought about progress in the society by questioning it through his writings,” he said.

Issues like caste and religion are the major hindrances for India’s development, Ilaiah observed.

On the occasion, all the 24 books written by CV including VishadaBharatam, Darwin Parinamavadam, Ho Chi Minh, SindhuNagarikata, Narabali and Varna Vyavastha were made available.

Later, three sessions discussing caste and creed, atheism and Marxist ideology were conducted.

Literary critic KadiyalaRammohan Rao said that the literary works of CV had put many complex issues in simple words.

“If we observe his writings, it can be easily comprehended. But the issues he had written about are very complex. CV is the man who brought international writing to our country through his works,” Rammohan Rao observed.


The convenor of the programme and film director, C Uma Maheswara Rao, explained the relevance of CV’s books to the present world. “There is a need for our society to adapt the ideologies proposed in the books,” he concluded.


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