DNA of victim’s baby nails rapist

DNA of victim’s baby nails rapist

AHMEDABAD: A city sessions court on Monday convicted a person to life imprisonment for raping a minor girl who had metal health problems, who later committed suicide after giving birth to a daughter. His crime was established on the basis of DNA test which confirmed that he was the father of the child.

Ranwar-ul-Haq alias Tutur got life imprisonment, while another accused, Raees Ahmed Ansari was acquitted though the victim had named him too, but she did not live to depose before the court. Ansari’s lawyer Sanjah Thakker informed that the third accused in the case, Mohammed Ali is still absconding.

Initially, it was Ansari who was arrested for the rape of 15-year-old in Gomtipur area. He was arrested in June 2013, after the girl’s family found that she was pregnant. The family insisted on aborting the fetus, but the law did not permit so as pregnancy was in the advanced stage. On September 23, 20013, the victim gave birth to a girl child, who was unwanted in the family. The baby was handed over to a city orphanage two days later.

The trial court ordered for DNA sample of the newborn for two reasons — to find out the paternity as part of criminal trial and to help expedite child’s adoption process too.

However, Ansari got a reprieve when the DNA sample of newborn didn’t match.

Following this, another application for further probe was tendered on the ground that there were other persons who must have raped her besides Ansari. The court granted further probe under the provisions of section 173(8) of CrPC and asked cops to take help of psychologists in order to know more from the victim, who was not able to express herself clearly. Tutur was arrested after the victim revealed names of other neighbours, including him, to the psychologists. Subsequently, the DNA test proved that Tutur was the father of the child.

The victim committed suicide a year after the incident leaving the prosecution’s case on a weak footing.



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