MP: Dalit girl denied admission, moves court for justice

MP: Dalit girl denied admission, moves court for justice

After being denied admission in Class 11 by a private school, a dalit girl and her parents approached the Madhya Pradesh High Court on Thursday.

They have alleged gross injustice done to them by the school administration and are requesting the court to intervene to restore the girl’s fundamental right to equality and education.

 According to advocate KK Gupta, the girl, Deepshree Chouhan, completed her primary and secondary level schooling from St Raphael’s higher secondary school, but was denied admission in Class 11, despite her qualifying to do so.

“The school administration did not cite any reason for denial of admission, they just refused to admit the girl,” Gupta said.


Earlier, her parents had also written to the district collector. The collector issued a letter in her support to the school authorities, but the school administration refused to accept the collector’s letter, he said.


In a letter written to the collector, Chouhan alleged that the school administration conducted counselling for admission in Class 11 and did not inform her about it, and that she only came to know after the new academic session began on June 15.


The court admitted the writ petition and will hear the matter on June 29.


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