Gang abducts girl for ransom, thrashes her before releasing

Gang abducts girl for ransom, thrashes her before releasing

Mangaluru, Jun 29: In an incident that has come to light with some delay, a girl was abducted on Friday by a four-member gang. She was taken in a car, and was asked to call her parents for ransom. However, the gang members later allowed her to go, but not before beating her up.

The girl in question, a third standard student and resident of Krishnapura seventh block near Suratkal, was going home from school on Friday, when a gang that waiting for her in a car, suddenly pounced on her, picked her up and forced her into the car. She was taken by the gang for some distance, during which period she was pressurized to call her father, informing him about the abduction, and place demand for ransom. The gang members reportedly thrashed the girl during this short time, but seemed to have changed their minds thereafter. Because, they suddenly dropped her on the way, and sped away in the car.

The girl narrated the story to her family members after walking home sobbing. She however, has not been able to identify any of the culprits. Her father later filed a complaint stating that a gang of four unknown persons had abducted and manhandled her.

The police have undertaken investigation. Suratkal station house officer, B Cheluvaraj, has been investigating the case under the directions of law and order deputy commissioner of police, Shantarajau, and Panambur assistant commissioner of police, Madan Gaonkar.


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