Boy dies for want of ventilator at Vadodara’s SSG

Boy dies for want of ventilator at Vadodara’s SSG

VADODARA: Santosh Pagare, 13, would have survived had he got a ventilator on time. The boy bitten by a snake died at one of biggest hospitals in Central Gujarat SSG Hospital (SSGH) on Saturday, just because the state-run hospital did not have enough functional ventilators.

For the hundreds of cases that SSG Hospital handles, it has only 45 ventilators of which only 23 are functional across various departments.

Santosh was bitten by a snake on Saturday evening and was brought to GMERS General Hospital, Gotri from where he was referred to SSGH. His condition was critical when his family reached SSGH.

Santosh is resident of Chhani and a student of standard nine at a city-based school.

“Santosh was bitten by a snake when he was resting after playing with his friends on Saturday evening,” said Santosh’s father Ravindra Rao Pagare.

He lost consciousness on the spot and was rushed to a nearby clinic and then taken to GMERS General Hospital. “Doctors at GMERS told us that we should take him to SSGH for a proper treatment,” Ravindra added.

On way to SSGH Santosh developed severe breathlessness. However, on reaching SSG hospital, the doctors were unable to provide him with a ventilator as there were facing sever shortage of the life saving machines.

According to doctors at SSGH, the Santosh needed immediate intensive care and a life support system. But they had no machine to allot him at the medical intensive care unit (MICU).

“We were told that Santosh would need a ventilator and they will try and give him one soon. We waited for an hour. Doctors then told us that we better take him to another hospital because they could not find an extra ventilator,” the father said. Santosh died before he could be taken to other hospital.

One of the major wards, the MICU in ward number 20 is working on just seven ventilators against the total capacity of 24 patients. “We have been short of ventilators for months now. The senior doctors and authorities know about these, but nothing much has been done to solve the problem,” said a doctor at the ward.

The doctor added, “The eighth patient always has to wait until one of the seven patients is stable enough to be removed from life support.”


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