Refused apartment builder bribe to pay registrar

Refused apartment builder bribe to pay registrar

The builder called us before registration and told us that we will need to pay 20,000 Rs to registrar. We refused to do so. They then said that if we did not want to pay a bribe, we will have to do the registration ourselves without their help.

I then googled and saw that many many people had registered their apartment without a bribe. I was inspired and wanted to tackle this horrible system. We agreed to do registration ourselves and told them to just come and sign when needed. They tried to convince us that it would be very difficult and would get delayed. We said that we were fine with a delay and in no hurry. Apartment has to get registered at some point, they cant go without transferring it.

They seemed to be very scared by us and asked us not to tell other people of our choice to register without bribe.

They day before our registration (when we were ready with all the documents), they called us and said that we dont have to pay any bribe and builder would help us with registration, all we had to do was go and sign.

I realise that they might have paid a bribe instead of us or paid a bulk bribe for several properties together. It is a small victory, but a victory none the less. It would have been great if others could have got together to register without bribe too

Go ahead people. All it takes is confronting the system. Bribe takers and facilitators are scared of honest determined people, and scared they should be.


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