Police harresment shame on Mussoorie police

Police harresment shame on Mussoorie police

I am a tourist at Mussoorie while taking a walk at mall road I saw Gang of police officers beating two sardar jis on asking the story got to know they just enquired about the tax for the mall road when they asked about the tax police asked for the bribe and started beating them when they didnot payed them the bribe . Police Gang were beating them so badly that the sardars were half killed in the public on top of that no police officer can pull the hairs of sardars as it is against the religion even I’m a sardarni and I just can’t stopped my self from writing to this to the govermnent. Police is for the protection of the civilians , in country like India police rather that playing a good role is playing the role of gunda those sardarjis were from chandigarh in our country we are thought guest is treated as God but it is shameful to see that in hill station like Mussoorie the police is a gunda and takes bribes form the tourist shame on such a police it’s like no1 is safe here where police plays a gunda raj thing really shame on such police officers who are gud for nothing and on top of that they drink and do there duties


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