Guesthouses running illegally face crackdown

Guesthouses running illegally face crackdown

GURGAON: The rape of woman by seven men at a DLF IV guesthouse last week has pushed police to sit up and take note of properties running illegally. .

A crackdown has been planned after hundreds of residents complained about the menace they pose in their neighborhood. Police said not only do these establishments evade tax and violate norms but are also becoming a hub of gambling and prostitution.

In 2012, an FIR was lodged against a guesthouse owner and his sons on charges that 8 Iraqi and 3 Afghan nationals were staying at their establishment without informing the local police. Smuggled sandalwood was seized from another guesthouse in DLF I in October 2014. A multi-state prostitution racket functioning from these guesthouses was busted last year.

A police officer told TOI that until and unless HUDA and MCG also take tough action against such facilities, their drive would have little impact.

But police commissioner Navdeep Singh Virk has called upon the residents to report such illegal activities from their vicinity. “We get on and off reports from residents that illegal activities are on in guesthouses being run in bungalows and flats though not many file formal complaints. RWAs have been asked to be on look out for such places,” he said.


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