Aarogyasri: More deaths in govt hospitals

Aarogyasri: More deaths in govt hospitals

HYDERABAD: It seems that the nability of the Telangana overnment to rein in private hospitals empanelled under Aarogyasri from rejecting dmissions to critically ll patients is pushing up fa alities in state hospitals, doc ors said.

In the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust’s (TAHCT) latest nternal report – titled `Per ormance rating in Aarog asri hospitals’ – it was said hat state-run hospitals such s Osmania and Gandhi Hospital always led in mor ality rate when compared o private hospitals. TAHCT egularly judges the perform nce of empanelled hospitals using the criteria of case fa ality rate (CFR), that is, the number of on-bed deaths per ,000 treated cases.

For instance, CFR for ardiac and cardiothoracic urgery done under the Aarogyasri scheme in Gandhi Hospital in 2015 was 172.4. Howev r, CFR recorded by corporate mpanelled hospitals was much lower – Apollo Hospi als (Jubilee Hills) recorded 4.53, KIMS Hospital 12.95 nd Yashoda Hospital (Secunderabad) recorded 22.76.

The scene was similar in 014 as well. While the state un MNJ Cancer Hospital eported a CFR of 28.39 and Osmania reported 29.62, the private Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute reported a CFR of only 1.9.

The reason for this, city Aarogyasri officials said, is the unethical practice of private hospitals not admitting last stage patients.

“Though 40 odd private empanelled hospitals in the city have entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TAHCT to conduct a few select medical procedures out of the 938 listed under Aarogyasri, they happen to refuse from 5% to 10% of the cases that come to them,” said Dr Anil Kumar, Aarogyasri coordinator, Hyderabad district.

He added that upon such refusal, if complaints are made by the patients and there is sufficient proof, then TAHCT’s Empanelment and Disciplinary Committee (EDC) has the power to either suspend or blacklist such hospitals. “It is true that several private empanelled hospitals refuse to admit `bad’ cases, but action can be taken against them only when victims can back up their complaints with evidence,” said M Venkateshwarlu, vigilance officer, TAHCT.

Meanwhile, Dr T Narasinga Reddy , chairman of Telangana Private Hospitals and Nursing Home Association (THANA) wing handling Aarogyasri had a different take on the issue. “Under the present rules, say if an Aarogyasri patient dies after undergoing treatment for 10 days in a private empanelled hospital, the TAHCT reimburses only 30% to 50% of the actual cost. The rest is deducted claiming that the patient did not survive. Many find this clause risky , thereby forcing them to refuse last stage patients,” he said.



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