Udupi: Discrimination of Dalit Community Still Exists in District Allege Koraga Leaders

Udupi: Discrimination of Dalit Community Still Exists in District Allege Koraga Leaders

Udupi: The discrimination of Dalit community still exists in the district said Ganesh Koraga. He was speaking at the SC/ST meet presided by Karnataka State Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes Commission Chairman K Basanna Chalavadi held at the DC office Manipal here on June 23.

A dalit community in a panchayat of the district uses an open well which is their only source for drinking water. The panchyat officials draw water from the well of a non-dalit just because dalits draw water from the open well. This is the situation of dalits in the district. While media persons asked Ganesh Koraga to reveal the name of the panchyat he denied, saying it would affect the dalit community there. K Basanna Chalavadi said that the Deputy Commissioner and District Superintendent of Police should intervene and initiate necessary action.

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Sunder Master said that the houses constructed under Ambedkar Development Board are distributed to people having political affiliations rather than distributing them to the poor dalit households. The dalit community youth operating taxi are facing problems in the taxi stands. He also urged the district administration to initiate steps against the private institutions who collect donations.

A woman from the dalit community said that the people were dumping waste near the well used by the dalit community in Handadi for which the Deputy Commissioner assured of taking necessary action.

Various leaders from SC/ST communities submitted their memorandums to Chairman K Basanna Chalavadi.

Their woes were with regard to encroachment of Depressed Class (DC) manna land, collecting donations from SC/ST students in aided and government colleges, misuse of fake caste certificates, misuse of funds meant for the welfare of SC /ST community members in urban local bodies.

After the grievances meet, the Commission Chairperson said, “After I took charge, the Commission has received 2036 complaints, of which 61 applications have been cleared”.

Dr R Vishal Deputy commissioner, Kanagavalli CEO Zilla Panchayat, Padma secretary of commission were present.



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