2 get lifer for murder in ‘extra-marital affair’

2 get lifer for murder in ‘extra-marital affair’

Margao: South Goa additional district and sessions court judge P V Sawaikar on Tuesday sentenced Lalsa Pal and her alleged paramour Kaushal Kumar Vishwavijay to life imprisonment for committing murder of Lalsa’s husband, Anand Kumar Pal in 2011. The judge ordered them to pay a fine of 10,000 each.

A marine engineer by profession, 37-year-old Anand was struck on his head by a ‘danda’ (wooden stick) by the accused and he died on the spot in the wee hours of July 16, 2011, prior to 5am. The incident occurred when he was sleeping in his flat in Shradha Housing Society, Upasnagar, Sancoale.

The then Verna PI Rajan Nigalye, conducting investigations in the case, arrested both the accused. Police alleged that there was extra-marital affair between the accused. Remarking that it was ‘a pre-planned, premeditated and cold-blooded murder’, public prosecutor Subhash Dessai argued that “The incident did not occur in a spur of the moment”. He stated that the deceased was killed mercilessly by his wife, Lalsa, and her paramour Kaushal.

Dessai examined 30 witnesses in this case including a handwriting expert Vijay Shankar; scientist Maya Nair of the Central forensic laboratory, Hyderabad.

“While Shankar testified that the love letters recovered from Kaushal were written by Lalsa to Kaushal which proved the extra-marital affair between the duo. The blood-stained danda also recovered from Kaushal contained hair strands of the deceased Anand. The blood stains on Kaushal’s pant matched with ‘A’ blood group of the deceased Anand that was proven through a chemical analysis undertaken by the CFSl, Hyderabad,” stated Dessai.

In this case , the forensic doctors testified that the cause of death was due to cerebral damage caused by hitting a blunt object like a wooden danda.

“Although Lalsa had claimed that gold ornaments had been stolen by thieves, these valuables were recovered from the kitchen where she had hidden them. Kaushal was missing from his New Vaddem-Vasco room and was spotted near Anand’s flat on the night of the incident at 10 pm by the prosecution witness Deepak Gaonkar,” Dessai pointed out.

Arguing on behalf of both accused, advocate P P Singh claimed, “The relations between the deceased Anand and his wife, Lalsa were cordial. Hence, it is unimaginable that she would kill her husband . Anand was killed by thieves who stole the gold ornaments and the police had not conducted a proper investigation since the services of the finger print expert and dog squad were not utilized, the lawyer pointed out. The accused Kaushal is not connected to the crime in any manner and both are falsely implicated in the case,” he said.



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