Vendors allege excess as cops issue challans

Vendors allege excess as cops issue challans

AURANGABAD: The city police on Saturday issued court challan to the licensed vendors operating on the premises of the Central Bus Stand (CBS) by terming them illegal. Perturbed by the alleged excesses by the policemen, the vendors have now decided to reach out to city police commissioner Amitesh Kumar against the officials of the Kranti Chowk police station.

Altogether 11 licensed vendors are permitted to sell snacks and fruits on the CBS premises. On January 1 every year, the licences of these vendors are renewed for a period of another 365 days. The vendors are charged Rs 14,573 each for renewing their licences. Besides, they have to pay Rs 882 towards security deposit and service tax.

A fruit vendor said on the condition of anonymity, “I have been working as a fruit vendor on the CBS premises since the last 14 years. But this is the first time I have been picked up by the police, who said I was doing business without permission.”

Of the 11 licensed vendors operating from CBS, the police picked seven of them and allegedly dumped them in the van before issuing them court challan.

Another vendor said, “The police have warned us from doing business from the CBS premises. This is nothing but polices excess against the commoners who are struggling and trying to meet ends in a legitimate way. Pickpockets are operating without the fear at public places, but the police are turning a blind eye towards them.”

The vendors also claimed that they have not violated any of the conditions.

Justifying the action against the vendors, assistant inspector of the Kranti Chowk police station Ashok Awhad said the vendors were issued licences of mobile stalls and not fixed ones. “Violation the conditions, they put up their stalls on the CBS premises, which was creating hindrances for the commuters. The issue was raised during a recent meeting held at the district collector’s office and action was taken accordingly.


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