Marine cops threaten ceasework

Marine cops threaten ceasework

BHUBANESWAR: In a blow to coastal security during Nabakalebara, marine police personnel have threatened to go on ceasework from July 1. The Nabakalebara car festival is scheduled on July 18.
The marine cops have been demanding insurance, travel allowances, dearness allowances, power boats and other infrastructure ever since the police stations were set up in 2009. The Odisha Marine Police Technical Staff Association (OMPTSA) has written to the police DG Sanjiv Marik telling him about the agitation plan.
The marine police stations were set up to ensure security along the Odisha coast. But all the personnel manning the 18 police stations have been recruited on contractual basis. In the first phase, the government opened five police stations and in the second phase, 13 police stations were set up.
OMPTSA general secretary P C Mishra said no recruitment had been made for the 13 police stations.
He said the sea remained choppy from June to September, which posed a threat to the personnel who have no insurance and have to risk their lives to venture into the sea with power boats.
“Other coastal states are paying double the salary we are getting,” he said. The cease work would continue till their demands are met, he added.

DG Marik said he would go through the grievances. “I will look into why the personnel have decided to stop working from July 1,” Marik told TOI.


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