Man seeks justice for mother, alleges organ theft

Man seeks justice for mother, alleges organ theft

ALIGARH: A nauseating smell was emanating from a van parked outside the office of the superintendent of police on Monday morning. The vehicle, which belonged to one Jetendar, resident of a village in Khair, had made rounds of several police stations before arriving here.

The stench was emanating from the body of Jetendar’s mother, which was wrapped in a cloth and kept inside the van. The man had been trying, for several hours, to get cops to investigate the death of 40-year-old Munish Devi, who he claimed had been a victim of organ theft.

According to reports, Devi was living with her four sons in Kunjgadi village. On Sunday, the woman complained of stones in her stomach and was taken to a private hospital for treatment. Jetendar said that in the evening his mother was taken to a new centre in Lodha by the hospital staff.

“At around 6 pm, the doctors informed us that they couldn’t perform a surgery as the woman had died of cardiac arrest on reaching the hospital,” said Jetendar. The staff returned the Rs 7,000 deposited by the family and handed them back their documents.

Saddened by their loss and believing the doctors’ statements, the family took the body home for cremation.

It was when the women from the village unclothed the body to prepare it for the final rites, that they found three lacerations on Devi’s body – at the location of the heart, abdomen and kidneys.

“That was when we realized that something is wrong because the doctors said that they had not conducted any surgery. Then where did the cuts come from?” said Padam Singh, a friend of the family.

The villagers put the body in the van and rushed to Khair police station. When the cops did not respond, they went to Banna Devi and finally reached the SSP office at 8 am.

Bahujan Samaj Party members were informed of the case. “We want a fair inquiry into the matter and will stand by the family in their struggle,” said Arvind Aditya, district party president.

SSP Aligarh, J Ravinder Goud, said, “A panel has been formed to investigate the charges. A postmortem will be conducted and we will act on basis of the report.”


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