Udupi: Two held for Akshata murder – Accused followed victim before strangling her

Udupi: Two held for Akshata murder – Accused followed victim before strangling her

Kundapur, Jun 20: After being produced before the media in Udupi in a press conference on Saturday June 20, Sunil (19), the accused arrested in connection to the murder of Akshata Devadiga, was taken to the crime spot at Ottinene near Byndoor, amidst heavy police security.

When the police brought the accused to the crime spot for identification and further investigation, the locals staged a flash protest and arguments ensued between the people and the police.

At first when the locals protested, the police took back the accused fearing that he may be attacked. He was again brought to the spot with extra police force.

The locals demanded that the police remove the mask on the accused youth’s head and show his face to them. The police turned down their demand.

After some exchange of words, the police finally managed to convince the locals and the spot inspection was carried out. Nevertheless, they shouted slogans and demanded strict punishment for the accused. 

Kundapur DySP, circle inspectors and others carried out the investigation.

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Udupi: Two held for Akshata murder – Accused followed victim before strangling her

Pics: Umesh Marpalli
Daijiworld Media Network – Udupi (HB)


Udupi, Jun 20: The police have arrested two youths in connection to the murder of 17-year-old Akshata Devadiga, who was found dead at Ottinene near Byndoor on June 17.

Addressing a press meet here on Saturday June 20, IGP Amrit Paul said the disrict police led by SP Annamalai arrested Sunil (19) and Akshay (19), both residents of Yedthare.

Sunil and Akshay are cousins and also close friends. On the day of the incident, they had gone to Byndoor ITI to seek admissions.

The IGP said that both the accused used to roam around in the deserted area where Akshata was found dead. Sunil had watched Akshata walking by every day on her way to college and back, and on June 17, Sunil followed her.

When Akshata turned around and confronted him, he backed away, but then again followed her and pulled her uniform veil around her neck. Akshata struggled and half died because of the tight grip of the shawl. The accused, with the intention of sexually assaulting her, then lifted her forcibly and took her to an isolated spot in the wooded area, where she died, the IGP said.

However, the post-mortem report did not indicate any sexual assault, he said, adding that it was a complex case. It is surmised that Sunil might have panicked seeing Akshata’s condition and escaped.

The main accused in the case is Sunil, while Akshay is charged with misguiding the police. It is learnt that Sunil had instructed Akshay to give wrong information to the police and say that they were together somwhere else at the time of the incident. Victim Akshata had no previous contact with either of the accused. After committing the crime, Sunil went back to his hometown, had a haircut and met some friends, and later when the incident came to light, pretended not to know anything about it, police sources said.

The arrests where made by SP Annamalai on the night of Friday June 19. Sunil was arrested near Yojana Nagar in Byndoor, but the IGP did not say how and where Akshay was arrested. Though Akshay was not presented before the media, it is learnt that he has been brought to Udupi.

He also said that the state DG-IGP has announced a reward of Rs 3 lac to the police team led by Annamalai for cracking the case.

Regarding safety of students, especially girls who go walking to schools and colleges through deserted paths, he said a ‘school beat’ police team would be deployed in such spots to ensure that students reach home safely. The teams will be initially deployed in some of the uninhabited spots and later throughout the Udupi district, he said.

When asked about Ratna Kottary death case, he said, “Her death was natural, but as the body was highly decomposed the post-mortem could not reveal any specific cause.”

When reporters asked the IGP how the photos of the accused leaked in WhatsApp and went viral even before the police confirmed the arrest, he shrugged off the matter and said such things have become common these days.

The investigation was carried out on various angles and after questioning over 50 individuals, the police zeroed in on four suspects. On further grilling Akshay, he spilled the beans on the entire incident, police said.

Highly-placed police sources also said that some 15 days back, Sunil been beaten up by locals in Yojana Nagar for eve-teasing a friend of Akshata.



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