Kasargod: Woman, two children charred to death – Suicide suspected

Kasargod: Woman, two children charred to death – Suicide suspected

Kasargod, Jun 22: In a tragic incident, a woman and her two children were found to have been burnt to death at Padanna here. It is suspected that the family of three committed suicide.

Soumya (35), wife of Jaya from Cherukunna in Trikkaripura, and her children, Yadunanda (8) and Devananda (4), lost their lives in this tragedy.

The incident occurred on the evening of Sunday June 21 at the house of Soumya’s parents at Mavilakadappura in Padanna. Reportedly, family problems drove the woman to kill her two children before committing suicide.

Soumya had left her husband’s home at Cherukunna on Sunday morning with children, and reached her parental home. The three turned into ashes when no one else was at home.

Senior police officers from the district along with police personnel of Chandera station rushed to the spot immediately after they learnt about the incident. Investigation is on.



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