Another young girl falls victim to unscrupulous elements in coastal district

Another young girl falls victim to unscrupulous elements in coastal district


There is yet another suspected rape and murder case in the undivided Dakshina Kannada district this year too. This time a PUC student of Kundapur, Ratna Kottari (17) has fallen victim. Probably, this is not that a serious issue to people of the district who have already been a witness to several suspicious deaths, and missing cases of young women. In fact not even a year passes off without a couple of rape and murder cases in the district. Beyond doubt, the educational hub has of late been proving a haven for men of lust.
A rape and murder case in any part of the nation makes much news. However, the coastal districts are an exception and any such case is considered so lightly that it does not even make a state wide news.
The Police Department has pushed behind bars the criminals behind several rape cases including the Delhi Nirbhaya case. However, the police department here has neither displayed the courage nor the professionalism in handcuffing the real accused in the rape and murder cases.
Sowmya Bhat of Puttur, Sucheta of Hebri, Poornima, Sowjanya of Dharmasthala, Akshatha of Mangalore and now Ratna of Byndoor. One really do not know as to how long this list will grow.
The criminals behind these crimes are liable to be hanged. However, here in most cases, police have been able to trap only mentally ill persons. One fails to understand whether this is due to the cleverness of the cops or the misfortune of the victims. However, ultimately this has helped the rapists.
More importantly most victims are teenagers or PUC students. The incidents also take place when they are on way to college or return from there. They are kidnapped and eventually murdered. In most cases those who fall victim are daughters of not so well-to-do families.
Though such incidents are repeating, the educated populace has not bothered much. The progressive groups and women’s organisations too have failed to wake up with the Women’s Commission.
The coastal districts have become factories producing intelligent and educated people, but not in creating responsible citizens. It is owing to this reason that the educated society is silent to the several such cases wherein young women are victimised.

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