Kundapur: Mysterious death of Akshata – Police make headway, arrest one

Kundapur: Mysterious death of Akshata – Police make headway, arrest one

Kundapur, Jun 20: In a fresh development, it has been learnt that the police have arrested one man in connection to the mysterious death of 17-year-old Akshata Devadiga.

The identity of the arrested man will be revealed soon, police sources said.

Students and people of the taluk continue to rally behind organizations holding protest demanding early arrest of persons responsible for the death of Akshata, a brilliant second PU student of a college in Byndoor here. Akshata’s body was found from a secluded spot away from the path in the woods through which she used to walk to the college and back home.

The police have been under immense pressure to make some headway, particularly so because of their failure to crack the case of the death of another student, Ratna Kottary, last year under similar circumstances.

Akshata was the daughter of Babu and Radha Devadiga from Henberu near Byndoor. She was a science stream student studying in second PU class of the government first grade college, Byndoor. On Wednesday evening, she had started back home by walk after college hours, but within minutes, she had turned lifeless under mysterious circumstances. Her body was later found with her veil wrapped around her neck. There had been doubts that she would have been raped and murdered. A case of unnatural death was registered in Byndoor police station in connection with her death.

Students of the taluk and people in general, agitated over the death of teenage girls under peculiar circumstances, have been continuing with protest programmes, demanding early detection of culprits and stern punishment. The police personnel had summoned over 50 persons after growing suspicious about their movements, and questioned them relating to the case. A reliable source has hinted about the possibility of prime suspect having already been arrested. The police are likely to get postmortem report of Akshata’s mortal remains on Saturday. It is said that the police personnel are awaiting the receipt of this report, based on which they propose to conduct further probe before producing the accused in the court, it is being analyzed.

However, the police have desisted from divulging any information on the arrest. More details are awaited.



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