Four held in Delhi EWS admissions racket

Four held in Delhi EWS admissions racket

New Delhi, June 16 (IANS) Four people have been arrested in connection with running a racket to illegally facilitate admissions under the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category in the city’s prominent schools, police said on Tuesday.

“We have arrested four people in connection with admissions to the city’s prominent schools under the Economically Weaker Section category,” Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) Ravindra Yadav told IANS.

Four people — Anil Kumar, Sudama Singh, Dharam Singh and the module’s kingpin Mukesh Sharma — were arrested from different hideouts in the city on Monday.

Police said Kumar used to connect prospective clients to Sharma, while Sudama and Dharam Singh used to play a role in arranging and preparing the forged documents.

According to police, information was received a few months ago that some people were involved in securing admissions in prominent schools on the basis of fake EWS certificates. This information was further developed by obtaining data of such admissions from schools.

During investigation, it was revealed that many of the EWS certificates used in the admission process were fake and forged.

“We came to know that there are several modules/gangs of touts active all over Delhi. These touts/gangs charge Rs.3 lakh to Rs.10 lakh for admission of children in EWS category in prominent schools of Delhi, in collusion with the school administration,” Yadav said.

“The mastermind of the module Sharma disclosed that he is M.Sc (Zoology) and used to give home tutions. During the admission process of someone known to him, he became aware about the EWS quota in the schools,” Yadav said.

“He developed contacts within the school’s administration. He used to get fake EWS certificates and Voter ID of parents through Sudama Singh,” Yadav said, adding that “further investigation regarding the possible connivance of the school administration is being probed and other modules operating in various schools are also being investigated by the police”.


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