Vijaywada chapter of Society for Fast Justice launched

Vijaywada chapter of Society for Fast Justice launched

VIJAYAWADA: The Mumbai-based ‘Forum for Fast Justice’, which aims at enabling a faster and fairer judicial system, launched its local chapter called Vijayawada Society for Fast Justice here on Wednesday.

Stressing on the need of speeding up the judicial procedure, members of the society said that the main aim was to bring transparency in the system. “It is a known fact that many cases are pending in the courts across the country. Most of the people are apprehensive to approach courts or police as it will take years to get the issue resolved. Therefore, urgent measures for faster and fairer judicial system is required,” said V Satyanarayana, general secretary of the society.

He added that accountability is another important aspect, which would help the courts to speed up the judgment process. “We see instances of people approaching a higher court when they do not get a favourable judgment at a lower court. For example, take the case of a man who was convicted at a local court and gets acquitted when he approached a higher court. Now, doesn’t it mean that the local court erred? The higher court should make sure that no such errors are repeated which eventually will bring in fairer and faster judgment at courts,” he explained.

The society also aims to help people by creating awareness regarding the judicial procedures. “When the authorities take utmost care and exercise a proper initial investigation, almost 50 per cent of the cases can be solved. We will hold seminars and spread awareness among the people,” the secretary concluded.


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