Dalits, Vanniyars Clash over Crackers During Temple Fest

Dalits, Vanniyars Clash over Crackers During Temple Fest

VILLUPURAM: Six people got injured in a clash between Vanniyars and Adi Dravidars over bursting of fire-crackers during an ongoing temple festival near Tindivanam on Monday night.

Police registered a case against eight Vanniyars and 17 Adi Dravidars. A total of 15 people from both the communities was arrested.

Police have launched a search for several others, who are reportedly absconding. since the fight broke out.

It all began when one member of the community raised objections to the bursting of a fire-cracker by a member of the other community. The trivial issue cropped up when the temple car procession was taken out from the lake near the village and was passing through the streets in the interior areas.

The celebrations peaked and fire-crackers were burst and accidentally sparks fell on some Adi Dravidar people.

They asked the person lighting up the fire- crackers to stop, but the festival organisers, all Vanniyars, refused to do so.

This led to an argument between the two groups and it degenerated into a free-for-all and there was violence unleashed by both groups.

In the melee, six from both the communities got injured and had to be taken to the government hospital in Tindivanam.

On being informed, Kiliyanur police rushed to the spot and dispersed the groups. The car procession was stopped and the car was taken back to the temple.  

The clash created tension in Tindivanam region and police patrolling was tightened in the surrounding villages, where there is  huge population of Vanniyars and Adi Dravidars.

The festival was on in the Ochiyamman temple located in Omandhur village for the past one week and the celebration was an annual affair, which was organised by the Vanniyars, in which the Adi Dravidar community people too take part.


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