‘Body-worn cameras’ for Delhi Police

‘Body-worn cameras’ for Delhi Police

Post the incident of a constable hitting a woman with a brick, the Delhi Traffic police have decided to order ‘body-worn camera’ and ‘vehicle-mounted camera’ to record every action when a vehicle is flagged down.

The traffic police, who was captured on camera beating the woman on Monday after they got into an argument about her jumping a red light, has been arrested and sacked.

“Traffic police is planning to implant body cameras on the uniforms of its personnel. The cameras would record the audio and video of the entire conversation when a vehicle is flagged down,” Muktesh Chander, Special Commissioner (Traffic), said.

The idea is to monitor complaints of unprofessional behaviour of both offenders and officials. 

When asked how many such cameras will be acquired, Chander, who is the head of the Delhi Traffic Police, told thestatesman.com: “I can’t share the exact numbers now, but we may order 200-500 cameras at this time.”

He, however, clarified that the device, which costs between $200-$500 depending upon their resolution quality, won’t be GPS enabled as the motive behind body-worn camera is to record the conversation between the offender and the official to recall details of the incident.

“No server is required for these body-worn cameras and videos cannot be deleted by the cops. For any action, the device has to be attached to a computer,” Chander said and added that vehicle mounted cameras are GPS enabled.

The implementation date of the devices, however, is yet to be decided.

“Today we are sending our requirement and then it would go for the tender process. But we hope to get the devices as early as possible,” said Chander whose official vehicle is equipped with the device.

“My official car is equipped with this technology. This is not new, but a better way to get evidence of the offence. The software is connected with the GPS so that it also provides details such as location, date, time, and speed of the car,” the commissioner said.

The hi-tech interface system captures detail of the violator’s vehicle and instantly transmits the details to the control room, according to the source.

During the period September 2014 to March 2015, the device placed in Chander’s vehicle detected over 121 violators.

Directives have been issued to install the device on all police vehicles.

Traffic menace and road rage has become a perpetual problems in the NCR region and according to an official, the Automatic Traffic Enforcement Camera System were there in place in Delhi, but their technology went obsolete and no one cared to upgrade it.

“Now we need camera with latest technology to get it installed on every traffic intersections with different cameras for every lane to automatically click the images of the vehicles as well as the registration plates violating traffic light rules to issue tickets to them,” the commissioner added.

Read more at http://www.thestatesman.com/news/delhi/-body-worn-cameras-for-delhi-police/63295.html#BMumeSothBHH4SYh.99


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