Mangaluru: Mescom causes accident; bike ambulance rider arrives sans helmet

Mangaluru: Mescom causes accident; bike ambulance rider arrives sans helmet

Mangaluru, Jun 8: An accident took place on Monday June 8 evening near Maryhill on Airport Road where a scooter hit an electric pole. The electric pole was not the one erected on the roadside – it was kept irresponsibly by the Mescom department on the road. The rider of the scooter was severely injured and was taken to the hospital by onlookers.

In further display of irresponsibility, the newly-launched bike ambulance rider arrived at the spot without wearing helmet and the stipulated jacket.

As per eyewitnesses, the rider hit the electric pole lying on the road while overtaking another vehicle. The visibility was also very poor due to heavy monsoon clouds. The impact of the collision was such that the rider fell on the road. The metal strapped on the pole made the situation worse. The injury was severe as the front side of the bike got completely damaged on impact.

The injured was rushed to hospital. But as a call had already gone to 108, the bike ambulance arrived later. The rider of the bike ambulance (emergency medical technician) seemed like a careless young man going on a picnic without wearing a helmet. His helmet was seen resting beside the seat of the bike instead of on his head. He was not wearing the stipulated jacket either.

Speaking to daijiworld, regional manager of 108 ambulance service Mohan Patil said that the bike ambulance technicians have already been given two pairs of boxer suits and four pairs of jackets and they need to compulsory wear them while on duty. It is also mandatory for them to wear helmets while riding, he added.

“They need to wear them so that they can be distinguished from other riders on the road. In some remote places too they have been found to be wearing slippers on duty, and we have already given them notice and warned of action. They should also wear helmet and identity cards without fail. We will hold a meeting and give them warning,” Patil said.

Health minister U T Khadar’s phone was not reachable.

Mescom should remember that road is not a place where poles can be kept. Bike ambulance riders need to realise that when they come to help the injured they should take care not to get themselves injured.


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