Goa gang-rape: Parulekar ‘takes back’ offensive remarks

Goa gang-rape: Parulekar ‘takes back’ offensive remarks

Panaji: A day after terming the gang rape of two Delhi women in Goa`s coastal belt a “stunt” and “minor” incident, a regretful Goa Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar on Saturday took back his words.

Speaking to reporters here, Parulekar said that he “takes back his words” if they have caused hurt to anyone in the state or country and appealed to one and all to work together for boosting tourism.

“About the debate in the national media over the last four days, I only have to say that if anyone in the state or country felt hurt or bad by some of the words I uttered, I take them back,” Parulekar said.

“Let everyone be happy and help improve tourism overall,” he also said.

Parulekar on Friday had called the gang rape a “stunt”, saying much was being made about the gang rape despite the fact that the accused as well as the victims were not locals.

“I have said it earlier, I am saying it again, wherever tourism activity flourishes such minor incidents happen,” Parulekar had said.


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