19-year-old woman raped two days after husband’s death

19-year-old woman raped two days after husband’s death

COIMBATORE: A 19-year-old woman sought action against a security guard for allegedly sexually assaulting her. The security guard works for a tyre company located in Press Colony in the city on Wednesday.

Piruba Parji, of Valangir district in Orissa, alleged that Senthil, a security guard at the Agni Synthetic Oils, sexually assaulted her two days after her husband, J K Chandan, 31, died after he met with a mishap at the company on April 27.

She said after her husband’s death, she continued to stay in the company-allotted room with her nine-month-old daughter hoping for compensation from the company. “Chandan and I fled our home town and married against our parents’ wishes. When he died, they only showed me his body after post-mortem and did not even inform me about his burial,” said Piruba. . “On April 30, the security guard, Senthil, entered my room and physically assaulted me. He even raped me twice,” she said.

Piruba said that her family had disowned her and she did not know where to go with her nine-month-old baby. “When the company’s manager gave me Rs1 lakh and asked me to board a train Senthil and another employee, I thought it was best to leave the place” she said. But when she contacted activists who had helped her earlier, they informed her that the compensation was less as compared to norms.

The Centre of Indian Trade Unions’ (CITU) activists in the city helped her file a petition with the superintendent of police on May 29. “We followed it up with a petition to the Periyanaickepalayam police station as well on June 2. But since the police did not file a complaint, we decided to petition the district collector,” said S Krishnamurthy, district secretary, CITU.

When the company representative was contacted, he said that Senthil was an old company employee and was temporarily appointed to look after the factory. “If she was sexually assaulted then she should have informed me earlier. And we have spoken to the Joint Labour Commissioner and we will pay her as per the norms,” he said.



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