Lokayukta staff caught red-handed seeking bribe

Lokayukta staff caught red-handed seeking bribe

A few Lokayukta personnel have been allegedly caught red-handed by senior officers while demanding bribe from government officials,threatening to raid and file disproportionate assets cases against them.

Such instances came to light when an aggrieved officer working as engineer with the Public Works Department approached senior police officers seeking clarification about the phone calls made to him from staff claiming to be from the Lokayukta’s investigation wing.

Disturbed by these allegations, Superintendent of Police, Lokayukta, Sonia Narang verified the call details and ascertained that the calls were indeed made from the Lokayukta office. She has submitted a report detailing who the possible suspects could be, to Additional Director-General of Police (Lokayukta) Prem Shankar Meena and has sought action.

‘Internal matter’

Speaking to The Hindu, Ms. Narang said that based on the incident, a probe was conducted and a report had been submitted. She did not comment further, stating that it was an “internal matter”.

However, sources said that the Lokayukta office had taken the matter very seriously and initiated some immediate steps to keep a check on the staff.

Among the steps taken are: close monitoring of the antecedents of visitors and stepped-up surveillance.

Visitors and those who come to file petitions and complaints will be monitored by a senior police officer to avoid intervention of the other staff and possible misuse.



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