Madarasa teacher abducted, assaulted over Whatsapp message

Madarasa teacher abducted, assaulted over Whatsapp message

PUTTUR : A group which abducted a Madarasa teacher who is also a Musliyar at Madavu later assaulted him after accusing him of sending abusive messages on Whatsapp.
The victim Haneef Musliyar has been hospitalised. As per his statement, a four member gang which barged into his house at around 10 pm on April 30, Thursday questioned him over the Whatsapp message and tried to assault him. When the Musliyar’s wife and sister came to his rescue, the assailants pushed them aide and forcibly took the Musliyar in a Maruti Omni.
The victim has alleged that the assailants attacked him inside the vehicle till it reached Kumbra and threatened to break his limbs if he sent abusive messages regarding religious heads. The group later reportedly took him to a house at Kumbra and asked him to call his home and inform about his whereabouts.
The Musliyar has named the accused as Achi, Ashik, Rashid and Rafique. While admitting that he had sent Whatsapp messages, the Musliyar clarified that he had not abused any religious leader in the messages.
The SKSSF which is sore over the attack on the Musliyar belonging to its group, has blamed the rival SSF group. It even staged a protest in front of the rural police station demanding action against the accused.


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