M.P. Noronha Case

PUCL – People’s Union For Civil Liberties – D.K

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Date : 04.06.2015


  1. Chief Justice of Karnataka

High Court of Karnataka                            

Bangalore – 560001                                               

  1. Director General and I.G. of Police

Nrupathunga Road

Bangalore – 560002


Dear Sirs,

Sub :

  • What is ailing our Judiciary and Police Department?
  • Why do they protect criminals and anti- Social elements?

Ref :

  • Forgery committed by Advocate M.P. Noronha in the court documents, cheating, murder, forged will, misappropriation etc.


We are bringing to your notice several reminders sent by us to you and your sub-ordinates connected to the cases mentioned hereunder pertaining to advocate M.P. Noronha of Mangalore.

  1. C. No. 177/2004, Court of Principle Civil Judge (Sr. Dn.) Mangalore in which forgery of a Divorce Decree is involved, processed by Advocate Asha Nayak in collaboration with M.P. Noronha.
  2. Missing UDR file No. 17/2005 dated 14.09.2005 connected to the murder of Everest Pereira from the Thasildars office, Mangalore
  3. A fabricated settlement Deed and a forged will of Everest Periera prepared by Gadys Almieda under the guidance of advocate M.P. Noronha
  4. The murder of Mr. Everest Pereira, connected to M.C. 177/2004 Gladys Almeida is under judicial custody in this case.
  1. A fabricated marriage certificate for a marriage (which never took place) in France between Everest and Gladys and produced in Mangalore Court by M.P. Noronha.
  2. Complaint dated 03.08.2012 to Registrar of Vigilance High Court of Karnataka by Mrs. Carmeline Pereira.


Inspite of several reminders the cases are stuck up somewhere without any movement.

After much efforts the sheristedar of Principle Civil Court Mangalore filed a private complaint No. 61/2014 on 30th October 2014 naming Mr. M.P. Noronha as the Prime accused but till date Police have neither arrested him nor even made any enquiries, inspite of 8 months have elapsed.


In normal cases Police arrest ordinary criminal in a lightning speed. But this case which involves forgeries in the court, murder, cheating fabrication of wills, settlement deed and marriage certificates remains in the cold storage, thus tarnishing the name of the court.

If immediate action is not taken and culprits are not arrested without further delay, we will be compelled to agitate in public in the interest of Justice and fair play.


Mr. Tilak Chandra, D.C.P Mangalore also requires to be arrested as he is the main person in the Police Dept who has sabotaged the case so far, destroyed evidence, and protected the culprits.


                                                                                                           Your faithfully

                                                                                     For Peoples Union for Civil Liberties.


                                                                                                          David D’Souza





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