Villagers thwart minor’s rape bid; accused thrashed, handed over to police

Villagers thwart minor’s rape bid; accused thrashed, handed over to police

Mangaluru, May 30: A youth who allegedly attempted to sexually assault a minor girl, was caught red-handed by the locals and handed over to the police at Ammai in Sullia taluk.

rapeattemptThe police have arrested Krishna from Mayyala in Delampady village, as the accused.

It is said that a Class 7 student hailing from Mandekolu village had come to her grandfather’s place in Ammai and was returning back on Thursday evening, when Krishna waylaid her and took her inside a privately-owned plantation nearby. It is alleged that the accused had attempted to rape the minor girl when a few locals caught him in the plantation.

A local villager named Babu noticed the girl’s bag lying unattended on the road, when he was passing near the Ammai bridge to chase a group of monkeys which had been causing trouble in the plantations. Hearing the girl’s cries, he entered the plantation along with another local Krishna Maniyani who had accompanied him.

On sensing the two men approaching, the accused Krishna tried to flee the spot and was later caught by the locals hiding in the plantation.

On finding the girl, she relayed that the accused dragged her into the plantation and tried to rape her.

After thrashing the accused, the locals handed him to jurisdictional police. A case has been registered in this regard.


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