Mangaluru: Arrest Advocate MP Noronha for Forgery and Fraud in the Judiciary- PUCL

Mangaluru: Arrest Advocate MP Noronha for Forgery and Fraud in the Judiciary- PUCL

Mangaluru: Addressing the mediapersons during the press meet held at Mangalore Press club, David D’Souza- President of People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL)-DK and P B D’Sa- VP of National PUCL narrated the following details :

“We have forwarded you the copy of complaint No 61/2014 filed by the sheristedar of Principal Civil Judge and JMFC Court o 30.10.2014, which clearly accuses advocate MP Noronha as the prime accused in the forged decree dated 10.6.2005 prepared in the MC No 177/04 which he produced in OS No 593/07 on 19.01.2009. In para ‘7’ of the complaint the sheristedar clearly states that action under sec 195 (1) (b) (ii) should be taken against the person who forged the signature of the Judge and produced the forged decree dated 10.06.2005 in OS No 593/2007. This person is MP Noronha”.

“However, instead of arresting the said person (MP Noronha) and proceeding further legally the police have strangely enough arrested one Gladys Almeida, who is also an accused, taken a statement from her before the IInd Additional Judge (SD) and C J M- Mangaluru. A reputed English daily has recently tried to accuse advocate Asha Nayak and attempted to safeguard advocate MP Noronha. However, our investigations reveal that Mrs Asha Nayak has reported to the court about the death of the petitioner Mr Everest Pereira and closed the case on 07.10.2005.”

“Since both Asha Nayak and MP Noronha are involved in cases connected to the Divorce Decree and Everest Pereira’s assets, it is necessary that both Asha Nayak and MP Noronha have to be interrogated in custody. Noronha being the prime accused in the complaint filed by the sheristedar, it is not known why he is not taken into custody, and allowed to tamper with the witnesses and evidences”

“We demand immediate arrest of MP Noronha and thorough custodial interrogation. Though we have brought to light the forgeries and frauds that have occurred in our courts and tried to obtain justice to a poor and innocent widow who has been cheated by a group of people including priests and advocates, and exercised our freedom of speech and expression, advocate MP Noronha has filed a defamation case against 11 members of PUCL and the Press, including Justice M F Saldanha with a view to threaten and harass us. We need the support of the media to spread the real issue of this case and bring justice to the concerned person” added David and PB D’Sa.

CS D’Souza- VP and Bertram Pinto- Secretary of PUCL-DK were also present during the press meet.

Note : Copies of the necessary documents submitted to the media have been incorporated along with this report.


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