Kundapur: Open drain makes life unbearable for people living near temple

Kundapur: Open drain makes life unbearable for people living near temple

Kundapur, Jun 2: The open drain behind Lord Sri Ramachandra Temple in the town has been overflowing with putrid waste. The waste getting accumulated and decomposed in this drain never gets disposed off, giving a hellish experience for the residents of ten houses located in the area. The fact that the municipal officials have done precious little to address this issue in spite of its seriousness has incensed the people living in the area.

Marriage and other auspicious programmes are held often at the marriage hall adjacent to this temple. Reportedly, waste water from cooking and food items which remain unconsumed at the end of the day are thrown into this drain. The food waste disposed off this way get clogged in the drain, spreading unbearable stench in the area. While living with this nauseating stench itself is a horrible experience, the people face additional problem of mosquitoes which are flourishing because of decaying waste, giving rise among these families fear of spread of infectious diseases.

The bad odour spreading out of the drain is so strong that people find it hard to stay put inside their houses. Already fever and other diseases are bothering these people because of unhygienic environment. People of these ten houses had earlier handed over representations to the local municipal councillor and also municipal president and chief officer, requesting them to clean up the mess. A complaint also was sent to Karnataka State Environment Pollution Control Board. These families rue the fact that none of the authorities have taken their plight seriously.

Things are in such a bad shape in the town, which boasts itself of being beautified under ‘Sundara Kundapura’ scheme. Unless the officials do something to mitigate the problems faced by these people, they may soon be faced with the problem of having to handle a bigger issue in the form of outbreak of deadly diseases.



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