Bengaluru: Suo motu case against cop who thrashed daughter publicly

Bengaluru: Suo motu case against cop who thrashed daughter publicly

Bengaluru, Mar 14: The police have since registered a case Suo motu against Madurai-based police sub-inspector, who thrashed and kicked his daughter after pulling by her hair in the presence of people and his wife at Domlur here. Officials at Halasur police station, who had not registered a case after taking the family to the station after being alerted by two ladies, as the girl had refused to register complaint against her father, confirmed that the case stands registered now .

Social websites have profusely hailed a lady named Nivedita Chakravarty and her friend, Archana, employees of a private firm, who recorded the assault on mobile phone and spread information about the brutal violence let loose on a young daughter by a man, and the onlookers who did not come forward to help the girl in distress. Rajaram, the police sub-inspector in question, was reportedly angry as he was informed by someone that his daughter employed in the city was in love with someone.

The police said they have registered case pertaining to different sections governing committing atrocity on women, public insult, and physical assault. They added that they would soon arrest the person concerned and investigate the case further.


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