Govt hospital staff go on flash strike

Govt hospital staff go on flash strike

TRICHY: A flash strike announced by contract workers at the government hospital here affected medical services on Tuesday morning.

Workers involved in assisting patients inside the hospital struck work after an employee on duty was reportedly assaulted by a policeman. Later, police personnel and hospital management intervened and pacified the agitators by assuring them that necessary action will be taken against the police officer.

The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital (MGMGH) here employs over 300 conservancy workers via contract through an external agency for assisting patients. According to Government Hospital Outpost police, P Saktihvel, 44, a head constable at Mannarpuram Special Police camp battalion, brought his father Paramasivam, 62, to the hospital. Paramasivam, who had developed severe health complications, was declared dead on arrival by medical officials.

In the early hours of Tuesday, Sakhivel reportedly approached Raja, 38, who was working as a private security staff in Triage ward, to inquire about free transport. But Raja apparently told him to seek such details from the hospital staff, leading to an altercation between the two. Sakthivel reportedly punched the guard in the face, causing a minor injury.

As the news spread, around 150 contractual conservancy staff who were on duty in the morning gathered in front of the super specialty block. They sought the arrest of the policeman and official condemnation from the medical authorities.

Raja has lodged a complaint with the GH police station.


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