4 cops suspended for misbehaving with Israeli woman

4 cops suspended for misbehaving with Israeli woman

Bengaluru, Mar 10: Four police constables and two Home Guards were suspended for allegedly misbehaving with foreign tourists near Virupapuragadda, an island in Tungabhadra in Gangavathi taluk.

hampiSuperintendent of Police Dr P Raja said that four police constables were suspended on the charges of misbehaving and sexually harassing an Israeli woman, who had come for a Hampi tour.

Drivers Amruth and Adesh of traffic police station, Rajesh Gowli of town station and Revappa of rural station are the suspended policemen. Home Guards personnel Shivu and Yankappa have also been suspended for abetting them.

The incident occurred on March 7 when the police constables had gone to a reservoir in Sanapur in the district on a picnic in uniform.

After having meals they spent some time with the foreigners there. Later, they took selfies with an Israeli young woman using their mobile phones and misbehaved with her. The other foreigners, who had come with her, rescued her from them. The woman left the scene and brought the incident to the notice of the owner of the accommodation where she had stayed. He immediately informed the matter to the police.

Though the tourists did not file a complaint, a suo motu complaint was registered and the constables were placed under suspension. A departmental inquiry has also been ordered against them, the SP said.



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