Udupi: Pamboor abduction case – Details unfold as accused held in AP

Udupi: Pamboor abduction case – Details unfold as accused held in AP

Udupi, Feb 26: The Shirva police have finally succeeded in finding the other missing girl from Dharmashree Colony and also her abductor, Raghavendra alias Raghu from Adoni in Andhra Pradesh. Two girls, Kallamma (15) and Shailini (15), who are neigbours living in Dharmashree Colony in Pamboor within Shirva police station limits in the taluk, had gone missing last Tuesday.

The police have booked Raghavendra alias Raghu under different sections relating to kidnapping of minors, sexual harassment, and under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act. The accused was produced in the court here, it is gathered.

The two girls had gone missing on February 17 evening, and the family members of both the girls had complained to the police that a labourer from Varthur named Raghavendra alias Raghu (21), who was living in this colony, was behind this abduction. Kallamma had returned on February 23 morning alone, and informed that she came back from Mysuru after being abducted by Raghu. The police continued to search for Shailini and Raghavendra.

It is now gathered that the two girls and Raghavendra had left together, and had come to Katapadi. They walked till Kaup from Katapadi as they did not have enough money, and spent the night in front of a shop there. The next day, they walked to Mangaluru. Raghu then sold his cell phone for Rs 350, and bought tickets for the three to Bengaluru by train.

When he reached the house of his grandmother in Tirumalasettihalli near Whitefield, the old lady hesitated to accommodate him. She allowed them to stay with her for a day, before handing over Rs 1,000 to Raghavendra with instruction to send the girls back to their homes. Raghavendra sent Kallamma by bus and went to a relative’s home in Ballari with Shailini. The police, who got the scent of this, called this relative over phone. Through this relative, the police got information that Raghavendra was at Adoni at the time. The police team went there and took both into custody.

Raghavendra, who had deserted his parents several years back, was residing in a rented accommodation in a house owned by Nagaraj in Pamboor Dharmashree Colony. He got to know Shailini there and both loved each other. When Raghavendra planned to leave with Shailini, Kallamma also opted to accompany them, it is said. On the day he left home with two girls, Raghu had only Rs 45 with him, he has confessed to the police.



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