Seven farm workers killed as truck rams tractor

Seven farm workers killed as truck rams tractor

Vijayapura, Feb 25: Seven farm workers were killed after a container truck rammed the tractor-trailer they were travelling in, at Budni Cross near Almatti on Tuesday.

vijayanagar accident

All the victims were being ferried to Mukartihal village for harvesting jowar. They were travelling with a thresher machine. A speeding container truck with Haryana registration rammed the trailer from behind over a bridge near Budni Cross.

Killed on the spot

The tractor rammed the parapet of the bridge while the trailer overturned killing six on the spot. Kaveri Yamanappa Abalapura, 14, died at the district hospital.

The other deceased are: Husenabi Makandar (35), Jayashree Koochabala (20), Sunanda Rampura (28), Rupa Rakkasagi (30), Viranna Takavara (21), all residents of Golasangi village and Ismail Shirur (30) of Shirur village in Bagalkot taluk.

The bodies were shifted to government hospital at Basavana Bagewadi for post mortem. Basavana Bagewadi police have registered a case.


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