Mangaluru: What a Mess? Marathoners Disrespect ‘Namma Mangaluru, Swachha Mangaluru’ Campaign

Mangaluru: What a Mess? Marathoners Disrespect ‘Namma Mangaluru, Swachha Mangaluru’ Campaign

Mangaluru: Imagine what would happen when over 14,000 plus marathon runners of Nitte Mangaluru Marathon 2015 (which just concluded on Sunday) feast on snacks served on paper plates and beverages served in plastic cups during the breakfast, and dispose the used paper plates/cups when no proper garbage bins are provided? The answer- the entire breakfast arena will turn into a garbage zone! And that was the scene at the Mangala Stadium where breakfast was served for the marathon runners after completion of their run.

I don’t know whom to blame for this disgusting mess, whether to blame the organizers for not providing enough numbers of garbage bins/containers or the marathon runners (young and old) and mostly all educated for disrespecting the cleanliness awareness drive “Swachh Bharath” or “Namma Mangaluru, Swachha Mangaluru” campaign. Even during the last year Marathon, the same kind of mess was seen all around the breakfast area, and this year too it has been repeated. And the sad part is that all those who were responsible for littering were mostly students, or call them educated citizens. Is this what “Clean India” campaign that we are looking forward too, that too being educated citizens of India.

Funny part is that there were also two small plastic buckets and couple of small garbage containers- imagine paper plates/cups used by people fitting in these small containers. (see pictures) What a joke? I happened to be near six students, four girls/two boys wearing blue polo-shirts and belong to a prestigious institute- they were feasting on their snacks/beverages. When they were done I saw them discarding the used paper plates/cups right down near their feet, even though there was a MCC garbage bin a few steps away from where they were standing. Wow- just look at these students belong to a prestigious and renowned institute, who care less about cleanliness and keeping their city/country clean. I couldn’t resist myself- I approaching these students and told them what they did was wrong, for which they felt guilty and walked away without uttering a word.

In conclusion, if educated people can’t keep their surroundings clean or ignore “Swachh Bharath Abhiyan”, how can we ver think of having a Clean india or Clean Mangaluru. Is this campaign just a “publicity stunt”, where organizations/colleges/schools/other educational institutions organizing Clean drive project for a day, and for the sake of photos/media coverage, and later stick to their old littering habits. We need to enforce strict laws and punish those who litter in the public, then only we can look forward for “Swachh Bharath” and for that matter ” Swachh Mangaluru”! Let’s work together and see that we keep our surroundings clean. While I compliment the organizers for a great Marathon event, my only request to them is that they look into this garbage menace next year- I only hope that 2016 Nitte Mangaluru marathon breakfast area will be garbage/litter FREE! And let’s remember to make ” Namma Mangaluru, Swachha Mangaluru!”


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