Udupi: Pamboor girl returns home, says she was kidnapped; another still missing

Udupi: Pamboor girl returns home, says she was kidnapped; another still missing

Udupi, Feb 23: In a dramatic development, one of the girls who was reportedly kidnapped at Pamboor under Shirva police station limits returned home on the morning of Monday February 23, much to the relief of her family members and locals.

However, the other girl is still missing.

Kallamma (15), daughter of Swamy and her neighbour Shailini (15), daughter of Krishnappa, went missing on Tuesday February 17 from Dharmashree Colony, Pamboor.

Among the two, Kallamma returned home on Monday morning, while Shailini’s whereabouts are still not known.

Narrating the incident, a seemingly shaken Kallamma said that she and Shailini were forced into a car on February 17 and taken to Mysuru. She somehow managed to escape from the clutches of the kidnappers and after begging from people, she was able to make enough money to buy bus ticket.

She then caught a bus to Udupi from Mysuru and reached home, she said.

She further said she did not know what had happened to Shailini.

The police have taken her for inquiry, after which more details would be revealed. The search for other girl is on.

Raghavendra, a suspect in the case is still missing. Raghavendra had come for masonry work to the house of one Nagaraj about a month ago and had grown friendly with the girls. His disappearance which coincinded with the girls going missing raised suspicions. Moreover, out of fear of law, Nagaraj and his wife too locked their house and left the town, but returned later.

Sources said that Nagaraj too has been taken for inquiry to obtain more details about Raghavendra.



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