11-year-old domestic help rescued from professor’s house in Pollachi

11-year-old domestic help rescued from professor’s house in Pollachi

COIMBATORE: A 11-year-old girl from the tribal regions of Valparai was rescued from bonded labour last week from a professor’s house in Pollachi. The girl has now been handed over to her family after three years, and has been advised to go to school.

The professor, a resident of Mahalingapuram village in Pollachi, is employed with NGP Institutions in Coimbatore. She’s married to a businessman. She is a mother of two sons.

S Uma Devi, coordinator, Child Line said, “We received a tip off last week after which we approached the Pollachi sub-collector and formed a team with the district administration.” When the team visited the professor’s residence, it was locked. “However, we succeeded in communicating with the minor girl through an open window and she agreed to open the front door for us,” said Uma Devi.

The child told the team that she had spent three Diwalis at the professor’s house. “She did not go to school. She spent the day washing vessels, cleaning and mopping the house,” said Uma Devi. The child possessed an Aadhar card in which her date of birth was 1-1-2000, which meant she was 15 years old. However, she confirmed that she was only 11 years old.

The Child Line authorities produced her in front of the Child Welfare Committee. The labour department was also involved in the proceedings. The CWC ordered a 50,000 compensation, and Uma Devi said that 20,000 had already been disbursed to the victim. “She is with her family in Sarapathy village in Neeliparai area of Valparai Hills. The Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan has been advised by the district administration to enroll her in school,” said Uma Devi.

Child Line authorities have also alleged that the professor and her relatives attempted to intervene with the Child Welfare Committee’s proceedings and demanded the release of the girl.



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