Mangaluru: NGO Okkoota comes down strongly against Yettinahole, Niddodi projects

Mangaluru: NGO Okkoota comes down strongly against Yettinahole, Niddodi projects

Mangaluru, Feb 20: NGO Okkoota organized an interaction programme at Radhakrishna Hall here on Friday February 20 expressing strong opposition to projects like Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR) project, Nidoddi power plant and Yettinahole project.

Kateel Dinesh Pai, member, NGO Okkoota, briefing about the projects, said, “Projects like PCPIR in the coastal district will have impact on the health of people living here due to the chemical waste emitted from the industries. Along with nature, our concern is also about the health of the people dwelling in the coastal area. This project stretches for 250 sq km. The units will be scattered across the entire coastal area like Bantwal, Mangaluru, and Udupi.
Already 73,000 acre land from Talapady to Udupi has been identified for this project. This project requires 600 MLD water per day and it will involve huge consumption of power too.

“This project will cause air pollution due to the emission of harmful gases. Due to this, people will have to suffer from respiratory problems and heart disease. People are misled about this project and have no knowledge of it,” he added.

Pai said that the union government is seeking to make this nation first by selling chemicals at the cost of natural resources of the country and putting the health of people in danger.

He also said that geographically, the coastal area and the Western Ghats are not fit for industries.

On Yettinahole project, Pai said, “Yettinahole project does not provide just drinking water but also water to meet the industrial area requirement in Bengaluru. Only 3 TMC water is for Kolar and 3 TMC water for Chikkabalaapur will be given. Kolar and Chikkaballapur get 100 TMC rainfall every year.”

On Nidoddi power plant project, he said, “Fly ash and chemical gases emitted from the thermal industries will cause acid rain which destroys the yield in agriculture.”

On shifting the DC office to Padil, he said, “There is no appropriate reason given for shifting the DC office. If the DC office is shifted, the people who come from far away places like Puttur and Sullia will suffer.”

Environmental activist Shashidar Shetty expressed his views on the destruction of environment due to the Yettinahole project.

Vasudev Bolooru said, “The river diversion project will impact the life of fishermen and creatures in the sea.”

Decision from the Interaction

“Coastal area is not fit for industries. Industries that harm the environment should not be established in the coastal area as this will impact people’s health. Agriculture will be affected. Government should completely drop the projects like PCPIR and Nidoddi power project.

“Yettinahole project, which impacts the environment of Western Ghats, causes destruction of forest and man-animal conflict should be dropped. Provision of drinking water to Chikkaballapur and Kolar should be from rainfall.

The government’s taking land forcibly from the farmer is against the Constitution. Land should not be acquired without the consent of the farmer. The government should withdraw the Land Act Ordinance. In future, the government should completely stop acquiring agricultural land and support the agriculture,” the panel demanded towards the end of the discussion.


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