Dalit man’s nose cut off for breaking bread with upper castes

Dalit man’s nose cut off for breaking bread with upper castes

Upper caste anti-social elements in a village in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh cut off a Dalit man’s nose only because he had displayed the temerity to break bread with them at a ‘barat’ (wedding party).


Upper caste anti-social elements in a village in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh cut off a Dalit man’s nose only because he had displayed the temerity to break bread with them at a ‘barat’ (wedding party).


This virtually god-forsaken area in southern UP bordering Madhya Pradesh is one of the remotest and most backward regions of the state, and is infamous for continuing social evils like untouchability, dowry and female infanticide.


The latest episode has been reported from Surpati village in Madhogarh area of Jalaun district where Amar Singh, a labourer, was dealt the horrific punishment by his masters belonging to the upper caste.


The incident is even more alarming as the village is a Dalit-dominated one. The Surpati gram panchayat of three villages accounts for as many as 2,500 Dalits out of the total population of about 5,000. Dalits in this region are barred from even touching the utensils used by upper castes. They are also not allowed to draw water from the same well.


Amar Singh had gone with his master’s family in the ‘barat’ (wedding procession) for a wedding to another village and had committed the “crime” of having food along with his feudal masters there.


“Some people on the bride’s side raised the issue with them which created quite a scene at the wedding as the other guests threatened to leave without having food on discovering that a Dalit was also breaking bread with them,” Daddu Prasad, ex-minister and a prominent Dalit BSP leader told dna.


Once they returned to their village, they decided “justice needed to be done”, he said. Their justification was simple, though rather gruesome. “Tumne hamaari naak katwa di. Ab hum tumhaari naak kaatenge. (since you caused us such humiliation, you shall get equivalent punishment),” they are reported to have told Amar Singh before pinning him down and cutting off his nose with a domestic knife.


Family members rushed to his rescue and took the profusely bleeding Amar Singh to Jhansi for treatment.


On being informed, Jhansi DIG AK Singh got a case registered against the named accused. He told reporters that they would soon be arrested. However, till late evening no arrest had been made as, sources said, the feudal landlords responsible for the ghastly act were “politically well connected”.


Bundelkhand has witnessed such horrific incidents earlier, too. But, since it is a remote area, most of these incidents don’t even get reported in the mainstream media.


“I know of places (in Bundelkhand) where Dalits go to other villages incognito to get a shave or buy things for daily needs as they can’t dare to do this in their own village,” says Vivek Singh, former Congress MLA from Banda.






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