Married man thrashed with slippers for misbehaving with young woman

Married man thrashed with slippers for misbehaving with young woman

MULKI: A married man who misbehaved with a young woman at the Mulki bus stand got a good thrashing with slippers at the bus stand area here. Ironically, the incident took place on Valentine’s Day itself.
The accused man is Chandrahas alias Chandra (53), a resident of Kakvaguttu near Mulki. The incident occurred at around 9 am when the young woman of Chitrapu alighted at the bus stop from an express bus. It is said all of a sudden Chandrahas began to misbehave with the woman who raised a cry. The public who soon gathered around, thrashed the man with slippers before handing him over to the police. It is said the accused man was also a father of a child.
Just a few days ago, Chandrahas had misbehaved with the same young woman in the Mulki bus stand a few days ago. The police had then let him off with a due warning.
It is said Chandrahas is a poor man and his wife is a labourer who also rolls beedies and runs a canteen in a college. Locals say Chandrahas was never seen at work at any time but sometimes behaved as if he was mentally ill.
But, locals at the same time question as to why he was targeting one particular woman. The police who have documented the statement of the victim have registered a case and have produced the accused man before the court.


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