Mangaluru: Cattle Trafficking in Auto-rickshaw- Driver Arrested

Mangaluru: Cattle Trafficking in Auto-rickshaw- Driver Arrested

Mangaluru: We have heard stories about trafficking of cattle in trucks, mini-vans, SUVs, cars and other four-wheeler vehicles- but a bullock being transported illegally has been reported by Vittla police. Holy Cow- Imagine a bullock fitting in a auto-rickshaw. Seems like anything is possible with the auto-rajas- not just transporting passengers, but even cattle too.

The incident of a auto driver transporting a bullock was reported to the Vittla police station on 11 February by locals in Kukkebettu near Neerkaje taluk. Police quickly got into action and stopped the auto-rickshaw which was moving from Punacha towards Vittla. They arrested the driver who is identified as Abdul Rasheed, aged 30, hailing from Mangilapadau in Vittla area. Sad part is that the bullock was transported by the driver in a very inhuman manner.

A case has been registered against the driver since he was not carrying any legal documents on cattle transportation. The auto-rickshaw has been seized by the police and the driver has been taken into custody.


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