Pujari rapes woman, arrested

Pujari rapes woman, arrested

BHOPAL: A 34-year-old woman was drugged and raped by a middle-aged pujari at her house on February 6. Priest had visited her house to perform puja on her request to remove ill effects on her family. A case was registered at Nishatpura police station on Tuesday and the accused has been taken into custody.

Accused threatened the woman to remain silent after rape saying else he would eliminate her family using power of his mantras.

Police said Santosh Prasad, 50, is priest of a temple in Sigar Choli area. Rape surviour, who resides in Karond area was visiting the temple for past few years and was in contact with the accused.

On earlier occasions too, he had come to her house for performing puja. However, this time accused said there was a need to perform special puja wherein she has to be with him in a locked room.

The accused went to her house, send her son for getting pujan samagri and went with her in a room at the ground floor of her house.

She stated once inside the room accused chanted some mantras after which she lost consciousness partially. Before she could understand anything, accused outraged her modesty and she could not resist.

Police said she later narrated the incident to her family after which they lodged a complaint with the police.



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